Liberal Christianity

Far too many self-professed “Christians” act as if God were dead! Why else would they proclaim that the Bible, and ONLY the Bible, is the word of God? Do they really think God spoke to man 2000 years ago, but not today? Could it be that mankind has not advanced at all spiritually in those 2000 years, and therefore God is either dead or chooses no longer to speak to us!?? I find that hard to believe.

What is it about the Bible that makes it sacred? For me, the answer is that when you read it, the words, the concepts, the communication seems to resonate with something inside of you that tells you – “Whoa, this is good stuff!” That resonance verifies the idea that a part of God is inside you and recognizes that this is a divine communication.

I think, in fact, God continues to speak with us, both personally and by means of mass-communication methods. Personally by way of the still, small voice, dreams, answered prayers, spiritual promptings, and most of all that resonance, that recognition of truth when you hear it or read it. By mass communication in such media as inspired books, lectures, and social movements. For me personally, the most fascinating modern spiritual communications come from reports of near-death experiences and popular spiritual books, such as the Conversations With God series, or A Course in Miracles. Yet many Christian have never heard of these modern works. Worse yet, some even ridicule the books as anti-Christian. Amazing!

For the curious, here are some references:

Near-death experiences –; and

A Course in Miracles –; and



~ by christianliberal on July 12, 2008.

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