As expected: Vicious lies about Obama

As expected, we’re seeing a flood of lies and vicious attacks on the character of Obama. Some are calling him a Muslim terrorists, even the anti-christ!

How does an honest person respond to these lies?

My suggestion: Step back a second and think about what you are doing.

Isn’t the latter playing right into the hands of any real or imagined anti-Christ?

One filled with hate is like an old garbage truck.
They stink, and you can hear the clatter from blocks away.
You don’t want to spread fear and loathing.
This type of fear monger can be found hunkered down in
a bunker somewhere counting his ammo, and wracked with fear.

One filled with the Grace of God knows the almighty power of faith
in the protective and loving nature of our Creator.
These messengers stand on the hilltop, in the sunshine, proclaiming
the Power of God, the brotherhood of man, and the fatherhood of

So which army do you want to join?


~ by christianliberal on September 3, 2008.

4 Responses to “As expected: Vicious lies about Obama”

  1. Really? You sure he is the saint you claim him to be?

    Attacking Trigg and Bristol was one thing, this is entirely different…

  2. Ohhh! Can’t ya just FEEL the love!??

  3. haha, alright I got one for you. Wouldn’t people accusing Obama being a Muslim, which isn’t hard to believe, but let’s say it’s not true.. anyway, wouldn’t you say its the same as someone saying Sarah Palin is not a Christian?

  4. Ha, ha, YEAH, in a twisted, double-negative sort of way – – which is way beyond my capabilities of reasoning. I mean I could get an aneurism or something.

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