Thank God for Bloggers!

Liberals this: Conservatives that . . .
Ya know, now I’m not so sure about the differences any more.
I’ve been reading some of the blogs on political issues,
and guess what.


Big deals for Conservatives seem to be the abortion issue and government waste.
Big deals for the Liberals seem to be ending wars and maintaining personal freedoms.

All in all, these two extremes are not that incompatible.

I think with a little discussion most liberals would be HAPPY to give in
on abortion rights if all the troops would come home (or go to Afghanistan
where they belong), and we didn’t have Cheney listening in on our phone calls.
And NOBODY likes government waste.

In general, I find people on both sides have reasonable arguments.
It would really help then to curb the name calling and making
the other guys into villains. We might actually get something
accomplished. Wuddya Think??


~ by christianliberal on September 3, 2008.

4 Responses to “Thank God for Bloggers!”

  1. Stop it… you’re making too much sense. What do you want? a utopia?

    Seriously though, most of the differences between conservatives and liberals is how do we get from point A to point B and most cases, there a no right answers but everyone is convinced that they know the right answer.

  2. Its very true. We are confronted with two sides who, for the majority of the people, don’t understand the other sides point. So its easy to say one side doesn’t care about the poor or one side WANTS to stay at war. It’s all in how we choose to see it. Glass half full or glass half empty. ‘Terrant’ is right. We all want to get from point A to point B, but what is the best answer?

  3. Brilliant! Way to state exactly what everyone needs to hear. If only we put aside party prejudices we could actually get something done in this country.

  4. One more thing… The liberal mindset takes away more of our freedom. More taxing and more government spending is just that. The more we give to the government, the more we are trusting them with OUR money and OUR lives.

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