Possible to be both Christian AND Liberal?

As expected, I’m getting a lot of, shall we say, raised eyebrows over the phrase “Christian Liberal.”
“Isn’t that an oxymoron?” they ask? Is it possible to be Christian AND liberal?”
“What are you doing this for?”  “Are you being sarcastic? Cynical?”

Yes, I have to agree there is an element of satire, even cynicism, in my posts, but I AM serious about being a liberal Christian.

I guess getting right down to the core, the rant comes down to exposing the rampant hypocrisy of self-appointed Christians, who distort Christ’s teaching for the purposes of justifying their desire to murder people in cultures they don’t agree with, protect their own financial assets at the expense of the environment and the working standards of people in other countries, and to segregate and dehumanize anyone of lower class status or non-traditional lifestyles.

This can be seen even in several responses, which seem to suggest that money going into the war machine somehow actually helps Americans. The argument completely ignoring the fact that the output of such production goes to bombing houses in other countries, “peacekeeper” missiles, billion-dollar bombers, and occupying other lands half-way round the world. What a disgrace!
We could really do good for the American workers and world by putting that cash into health care, infrastructure, science, and research.

There’s a favorite hymn here in California . . . “They will know we are Christian by our love, by our love . . .” But there’s no love in a B-1 bomber, no love in a nuclear bunker-buster bomb, or remote drone that rains death down from the sky.
Oh, is that too cynical for you?


~ by christianliberal on September 5, 2008.

6 Responses to “Possible to be both Christian AND Liberal?”

  1. Actually, I was just pointing out where money goes when it gets spent on military contracts, but I suppose it does help Americans if that money gets pumped back into the economy. Not my feelings, just simple economics.

    So what is a “self-appointed Christian”? I want to know who these people are and how they even got in on the whole appointment deal. These people actually have a “desire to murder people in cultures they don’t agree with”?

    So does “dehumanize anyone of lower class status” apply to unborn children in this country when abortion is defended as “a woman’s right to choose”? Christians (appointed or otherwise) would call that murder and rally to defend these children. Just wanted to see if we are on the same page here.

    For the record, there are no “nuclear bunker-buster bombs” as far as I know. None were ever developed and I read that Bush canceled the request for funding of the program in 2005.

    There is no Love in war period, but what about the Love that is being poured into building schools, hospitals, and roads in Iraq by our government and many Christian volunteers? People like Heather Mercer (she was the Christian missionary held captive in Afghanistan) are pouring themselves into helping the Iraqi people. Under the former Iraqi government, how many Christian missionaries do you think would have been allowed into that country? I’m not trying to justify the war by saying that, there are far too many circumstances to take into account. I’m just saying that the Iraqi people have the greatest opportunity ever to hear about the saving message of Christ. No matter how you feel about the war, shouldn’t a Christian response be one of praise for God that the Iraqi people can come to know his Son?

    So the picture of that thing on the lawn, is that another one of your satirical statements of thumbing your nose at Christianity? Your definition of a Christian must be totally different than mine (I rely on the biblical one) because you have only succeeded in convincing me that you are a liberal, but not a Christian. Those are my honest thoughts, minus any cynicism or satire. I’m sure I can’t convince you otherwise, so I’ll just leave it at that without further comments.


  2. Good points, Todd, and I apologize for the snippets of condemnation that might be inferred from my comments.

    “So does “dehumanize anyone of lower class status” apply to unborn children in this country when abortion is defended as “a woman’s right to choose”? Christians (appointed or otherwise) would call that murder and rally to defend these children. Just wanted to see if we are on the same page here.”

    Yeah, I can see that.
    The key point is of course when does life begin.
    There are only theories of when the soul enters a body.
    The great psychic Edgar Cayce indicated the soul can enter the “tabernacles of the flesh” anywhere from conception to just minutes before the actual birth. If one believes that, then it would be impossible to tell when an abortion is actually murder.

    As for self appointed . . . I’ve met a few. A woman in the bookstore, buying a right-wing pro-war book. I asked her, seeming she was friendly and a Christian, “How can you be a Christian and advocate this war?” She replied, “Well I AM a Christian, but we really do have to wipe out those Arab fanatics.” It’s when that flag-waving, my country right or wrong, Dukes-of-Hazard mentality takes over, is seems oh so easy to forget what Jesus was telling us.

    I dunno. Maybe I’m wrong, but I see so many church goers who are convinced (I would say fooled) into thinking that if we can only kill all those morons in the Middle East, then MAYBE America could get on to living in peace.

  3. I am not raising any eyebrows at all, and I think that there are several people in the christian community who are beginning to see these things all at once. I commend you for putting it out there. Over the next week or so I will be mapping out these same things about christianity and politics and advertising it in my community. Please check it out some time, and take care!


  4. I don’t care about your political views. I only care about your doctrinal and theological views. Do you believe the Bible to be the Holy Spirit inspired infallible (when interpreted using the proper hermeneutics) word of God that is the final authority in all matters governing individual Christians and the church (NOT the state mind you … involving the state in church affairs or vice versa results in the corruption of the church)?

    If you believe that the Bible is the infallible authoritative Word of God, then you can be to the left of Stalin, Lenin, and Zhedong if you like. If you do not, being to the right of Tom Coburn won’t do you any good.

  5. I believe the Bible contains the truly inspired word of the Holy Spirit. I do believe that God is not dead, and that His Holy Spirit also inspires many thoughts, words, deeds, and events since the formation of the Bible, and continuing on down through history. We can see this in such other masterpieces as A Course in Miracles, and other modern works

    His Word is infallible. How that Word is perceived, written, filtered and recorded is a human process which, in my opinion, is subject to errors.

    I do not subscribe to any test such as you propose, to determine whether or not others think I am saved or holy. I don’t think any man, save Jesus, has that power here on earth to peer into the hearts of men, determine if they are worthy, and then decide to accept or condemn them.

  6. christianliberal:

    You have accused me falsely for I proposed no salvation test of any sort in my communication with you. However. the Bible, which you yourself state to be the word of God, does contain a salvation test. Do you meet that test? The Bible demands that we all ask ourselves this, by the way. And if you meet this test, please tell me how. Were you to direct the same question to me, I would answer, and you would be rather surprised by my answer. Thank you.

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