Insults help you grow! (Heh, heh!)

Insults help you grow!

being told you have bad breath, it hurts at first, but with an honest
self-assessment, and swish of mouthwash, you turn out more pleasing to everyone
around you. So don’t be TOO offended as I tear apart your most
sacred beliefs. I’ve given myself license to insult you because it happened to
me, and I shot up a few inches from the experience.

Raised a Baptist, I believed everything I learned in
church and from my parents. In college, hanging out with a bunch of other
freshmen, we had what you’d call your typical Angry Black Dude in our lunch time
discussion group. After one particularly harsh comment by Dude, I challenged him
with: “Well that wasn’t a very . . .” and here I struggled to find the
right word, finally settling on “Christian thing to say.

His angry retort: “That’s right! I’m NOT Christian!
I’m a Communist. Where the hell would the black man be if we turned the other
cheek every time we got slapped down?!!”

The sincere passion of his outburst made me stop and
think. Is that how a black man truly sees the world? Could my religious
upbringing have some kind of cultural flaw? This single insult precipitated an
extensive re-evaluation of my core beliefs. Sure, in the end I reaffirmed my
faith in Christian teachings, but this time, every scrap of evidence was
examined, weighed, and evaluated. But once accepted it was truly mine.

The point is, we often take for granted the things we
are told, accepting them as (pardon the pun) gospel, even though they do not
serve our interests, or the interests of society. My dear old dad used to take
us fishing. Then a friend asked, “Don’t you think that putting a steel hook in a
fish’s mouth hurts the fish?” “Uhhh!. “

So how can I insult you?

Sure, dear old uncle Fernando gave me his bull-fighting outfit. It’s a sacred
custom of our people. What!? Animal cruelty!?? Never thought of that!

Whoo! Love my new off-road trike. It jumps hills like a banshee! What?!
Destroying the environment? Me?

Support the troops. Honor those who serve. Defending Freedom! Wait; pre-emptive
war? Occupying another country — for their OIL?! Whoa!

So insults help you grow. Are you brave enough to read
the blog? I might be your biggest “helper!”  🙂




~ by christianliberal on September 6, 2008.

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