Sarah Palin: Sincere but misinformed

Sarah Palin: Sincere but misinformed

I like Sarah Palin. She is sincere and full of
energy.  But she is woefully misinformed.

No sex education! Whoops! Teenager has a baby!
Shouldn’t that be a clue?
Brother-in-law is harassing her sister. Palin pulls strings to get him fired. Is
that going too far?
Doesn’t like some of the books in the local library. She asks the librarian if
she would mind removing certain books. The librarian indicates she will not
tolerate censorship. Palin gets her fired.

The common thread here is the self-appointed
assumption that
what I (Palin) decide is
better for you than what you decide.
that smacks of totalitarianism! Too bad it hasn’t worked, doesn’t work, and
won’t work in the future. Most amazing of all (and tragic) is that some people
don’t like to think for themselves. They are mentally lazy, and oh-so willing to
let others make these crucial decisions for them. You could see hoards of these
mindless drones waving flags and cheering her at the Republican Convention.

Reminds of the Stockholm syndrome. The
captives after a while begin to idolize their kidnappers. "I’m going to restrict
what you can say and do, but trust me, this will be good for you!"  Yeah!
Pit-bull with lipstick! (And the crowd goes wild!)


~ by christianliberal on September 6, 2008.

6 Responses to “Sarah Palin: Sincere but misinformed”

  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your blog, specifically the political bits are very interesting and have led me to some good sites for research. 🙂

    I actually can understand the whole “Christian Liberal” thing. I’m a christian and not conservative. Not really. Just wanted to stop by and say I like the posts and the info — very interesting and helpful.

  3. Great post

  4. Mindless drones and uninformed? Let me quote your previous post, “In general, I find people on both sides have reasonable arguments.
    It would really help then to curb the name calling and making
    the other guys into villains. We might actually get something
    Simply put, If I keep more of my money, I get to make more of my own decisions. When the liberal mindset is about taxing more for government spending, that takes more of my freedom away.
    So, mindless drone? Hell no. I want the government to stop trying to control our innovation, education, and many other things. Government spending is wasteful and inefficient, not to mention, ineffective more often than not.

  5. Also, Palin this and Palin that. Plus, your information stems from liberal media headlines. What kind of research have you really done into the matter and if you did, then why don’t you present something I haven’t seen yet? These are the past and she’s our VP candidate. If we are going to talk about past, then we can always bring up Barack and his past. But we don’t want more proof of his lack of qualifications. On any controversial bill that come to vote in Illinois State Senate, he voted present. That was 120 times! Finally, when he got to the US senate, in the 140 or so days that he actually served, he worked with McCain and others on a controversial immigration bill. When that came to pass, he voted against the very project in favor of some lobbyists. Let’s talk about actual political qualifications, instead of the VPs and their media stories.

  6. Colt: Good points. I am waiting until Palin goes before the press with a real interview, not just an unchallenged script that she reads from.

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