God’s hand in technology developments

Is there anything spiritual in modern technology, like the Internet? Cell phones, or iPods?

Although it’s more popular among Eastern religions, the concept of Unity is a giant step towards understanding God. In the West they sometimes call it Atonement, or the Second Coming. Not sure if you’ve ever experienced intensely deep love for someone, but what happens is you become “of one mind.” It’s not like you are reading your partner’s mind, but you think the same and are able to love and understand what they are doing from a distance. You see, the Atonement ends the illusion of the separation from God and each other.

We can see that now in cell phones, where you have the ability to communicate at will over vast distances. Same is true for the Internet, blogging, etc. Soon the physical structure that allows this communication may crumble, but the the IDEA, the spiritual telepathy will continue, for those who are “in love.”

Along those same lines, a new game is out called “Spore” which let’s you create life and supervise its development up through a technological civilization. See: http://www.mercurynews.com/business/ci_10402373

This is all part of the re-awakening to our connection with all of life.

Whadya think?.


~ by christianliberal on September 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “God’s hand in technology developments”

  1. Humanity is the key, technology is the toy. But we are so obsessed with technology ease that humanity has become the ‘toy’, and instead technology has become the ‘key’ to humanity. The time is running short that in a very short span of tme humanity will end along with the peril of technology, unless we ‘wake up’ soon.

  2. I can see how the internet and cell phones bring people together and make the world seem smaller. But while Spore seems like a cool game, I highly doubt that it will help people awaken to the connections between all life. To me, Spore seems like a program that enables people to be like Jim Henson and create the monsters of their dreams.

  3. Good observation, Asad. That seems to be the two-edged sword of free will, aye? That some will create monsters – others will create like their Father created them; in love and appreciation.

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