Lessons from Near-Death Experiences

I love reading first-hand accounts of near-death
experiences. They provide a glimpse into spiritual realms that help explain
Christian principles. In this particular example, the person explains how his
actions here on Earth have a ripple effect, and inasmuch as we are all
connected, how they come back around to us.


The first image I saw was something bad that I did
(I used a key to scratch a car). I could feel the pain that I cause because of
my actions.

. . . everything I saw I could feel the results of it. Like, everything I did
had a life of its own. Like when I felt the owner of the car feelings and
thoughts, then he told his wife about it and I could feel her pain too, and on
and on and on. (not a good feeling).

he show me the things I did out of love too. He showed me the time I took this
homeless boy I become friends with. I took him home with me, we shower together,
we eat together and I give him some of my cloths too. I could feel how happy I
made my angel feel. He told me that those are the things that really matter,
those where the things that will make a difference in the world for the better.

What is “justice” then, but that you get to feel the
effects of the things you’ve done to others?!!

Want to read other cases?



~ by christianliberal on September 8, 2008.

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