Plea to Evangelicals – help me understand

A plea to Evangelicals

Please help me.
I’m trying to understand.

I know you believe in the Jesus Christ. He was called the Prince of Peace.
I cannot figure out how or why so many Evangelicals support war. Or do they?
Here are my questions.
1. Do you believe in pre-emptive war?
If so, how does that reconcile with what Christ taught us?
2. Do you consider Bush to be a supporter of your principles?

Last night on 60 minutes, reporter Bob Woodward describes his book in which he indicates Bush has been fascinated with the death counts in the Iraq war. He keeps asking how many we have killed. He is quoted as saying “Kill the b@$t@ards! Kill the b@$t@ards!”

3. Are those attitudes by Bush something the Evangelicals support?
4. Do you think Sarah Palin, like Bush, supports warfare in general, or this war in Iraq?
5. Do evangelicals support the war in Iraq?


~ by christianliberal on September 8, 2008.

9 Responses to “Plea to Evangelicals – help me understand”

  1. 1. Yes, within reason. I don’t believe in striking first. We were struck first, and I believe we had a purpose in striking back.
    “For rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil. Do you want to have no fear of authority? Do what is good and you will have praise from the same; for it is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil, be afraid; for it does not bear the sword for nothing; for it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil.” Romans 13:3-4.
    I see it as this: whatever any underlying intentions we can accuse our government for being in this war, one thing is for certain. Our military has given freedom to a nation that has been ruled by terror for many, many years. Freedom fighters. I can stand behind that cause. Sacrifices are made on behalf of loving our neighbor. That’s the noble choice that our men and women of the military have made.
    2. As a Christian, I believe he is a supporter of my principles. People will point fingers and accuse accuse accuse, but when it comes down to it: his intention is to do right by us.
    3. I may not approve of something he said, but it’s not something I hold against him. Plus, I have no idea if he said that.
    4. I hope she supports the cause, yes. Just as McCain, Obama, and Biden do.
    5. I believe the majority support the cause, yes.

  2. As as evangelical, I’ll respond. Why do you want the opinions of men? Study your Bible and find the answers there, because the opinions of men are fallible.

    As for your ideas about Palin believing in “no sex education” (as posted by you in a comment on another blog), let me just be real with you. Do you REALLY think her daughter was totally clueless about birth control? Do you REALLY think her daughter didn’t know that sex gets you pregnant? Come on. I’m teaching my children abstinence, but they also know the facts of life as ANY responsible parent would teach. BUt I’ll tell you one thing, I’m teaching them everything, and I’m not going to have some liberal in public school making them feel it’s okay and not wrong to go ahead and have sex if they desire to do so, because even if they desire to do so, it’s still wrong and only brings heartache and pain in one form or another outside of a loving marital relationship. It’s ridiculous that liberal folks go around rolling their eyes and acting like people who teach their kids the importance of abstinence are trailer trash uneducated morons who still haven’t figured out how they had their own kids. Get real.
    1. Abstinence is 100% safe and 100% moral outside of marriage.
    2. Teens are their own persons who still make choices between right and wrong as we all do. Some make mistakes.
    3. Having a baby is not the end of the world if it happens. Living with the guilt and shame of murder (abortion) is much worse.

    Palin’s daughter is brave to carry out her pregnancy in the public eye. She made a mistake and got pregnant. She did not compound that mistake by having an abortion to hide from the scrutinizing eyes of the public. She made a mistake and is now making the right choice. Just like her mother did by choosing life for her down syndrome baby. Do you think God makes mistakes?

    That’s rhetorical…just food for thought.

  3. Thanks, Get Real, for a thoughtful response.

    “1. Abstinence is 100% safe and 100% moral outside of marriage.” but it’s about 0% EFFECTIVE! In fact some studies show people who were taught abstinence only had MORE sex – though it was mostly oral. I never called anyone “moron”, but insisting abstinence instruction works when it clearly does not (e.g. Bristol Palin), then, well that’s not the brightest.

    “2. Teens are their own persons who still make choices between right and wrong as we all do.”
    Exactly my point. To take away their decision-making power is coercion. It is totalitarianism. So then, let THEM decide what the future of their life is by allowing them to make decisions that affect their own body, their own life, their own choices.
    Sure, many consider abortion murder, but the big question is “Who decides?”

    “3. Having a baby is not the end of the world.”

  4. Colt: Wow!
    I am actually stunned that ANYONE believes in pre-emptive war, and that kinda eclipses all your other responses.
    Besides, it was Afghanistan that attacked us and Bush pounded on Iraq, but that’s another story.

    Pre-emptive anything I believe is a mistake.
    It’s like saying “Ya know, that neighbor of mine collects guns, and hates dogs. I’m just gonna have to burn his house down, just in case he shoots at me or my dog.”
    Way, Way Dangerous kind of thinking, and certainly not Christian.

  5. I understand you don’t agree because you don’t understand what my ideals are. But I know my ideals are based on Christian thinking. I want my family protected and I believe in doing so, by any means necessary. YES, even war.
    And how in the world did Afghanistan attack us? Just because it was a few citizens of Afghanistan, doesn’t mean it was the country. Besides, we did go to Afghanistan first, if you recall. We pounded Iraq? No, we pounded on people who meant us and other innocent human beings harm. We have done very good things and if you are paying attention, the good are prevailing. We can’t ignore the good that has come out of this. It was made very clear this isn’t a war on a specific country, yet a war against radical Islam that vows to bring an end to America.

    And in response to your response to that other comment:
    1. The bible does teach abstinence. He doesn’t care what’s effective according to some polls. You should know that there is evil in this world, but are to remain steadfast in your faith. Do you want to answer to God and say, “Well, the polls say that abstinence education is ineffective, so I just gave up.”
    2. Who said that Bristol didn’t want the baby? Maybe she did make that choice? That’s why these subjects are none of our business because we have no idea what goes on in that family. Only assumptions. I don’t need any stinking schools to educate my child on sex. If I am a good parent, I’ll take care of raising my child. No thank you to any form of sex education. Also, read my post about abortion and Christianity: let me know what you think.
    3. Agreed.

  6. I’m LEARNING from you, Colt, though I still don’t agree.
    I think if Jesus were here today, the abstinence advise might be revised a little, I would guess. šŸ˜‰


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  9. Golden: Thanks for the Link!

    Yeah, been reading about this 2012 date.
    Try “Family of Light” by Marciniac.

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