The Pro-war ticket: Statistical Sarcasm

McCain and Palin are good, decent people.
So are Obama and Biden.

There is, though one
glaring difference.

McCain/Palin want to continue the Iraq war.

Obama/Biden want to end it.

I want to discuss something Republicans REALLY love: Money.

Estimates are that just under 100,000 people
have been killed in Iraq.


Cost estimate: $3 TRILLION final, $1 TRILLION spend so far


So that is between $10 and $30 million per terrorist!

Ya know, I just don’t think we’re getting our money’s worth, Aye?!!

Do you? I say we END THIS WAR!


~ by christianliberal on September 8, 2008.

11 Responses to “The Pro-war ticket: Statistical Sarcasm”

  1. Please don’t re-post your blog entries as “comments” on my blog. I don’t spam your blog with links to mine. If you have a relevant comment to make, you’re welcome to do so, but crosspostings will be deleted.

    Furthermore, your activism is about 5 years out of date. The war in Iraq is, for all intents and purposes, over. They are simply negotiating how long our troops will remain in support of the Iraqi troops which already are taking over most counterinsurgency duties from US troops. There is no significant difference in the withdrawal timetables proposed by McCain and Obama. I realize that actual facts like that are confusing and uncomfortable for those on a self-esteem building faux moral crusade, but they remain whether you choose to recognize them or not.

    May God bless you.

  2. Show me proof that McCain and Palin WANT to continue the war. Liberals don’t value money as much as Conservatives? Your view has been distorted from an obviously young age of what Republicans are and what they stand for.

  3. And here is the point I was making on a previous post about the war:

    Watch that. Forget his message about who hes voting for, but the point he’s making about this war not being in vein. He says, “would you stop a firemen before saving a baby from a burning building?”
    Check it out. You don’t have to respond, but I am trying to get you to see from my perspective.

  4. I did watch it.
    The young man has faith in his commander in chief.
    He gave a lot for his country.

    The Commander-in-Chief then has a responsibility to honor the dedication of that young man. One way to honor him is to be sure he is fighting for the right thing: Yes, freedom for Iraq is the right thing. Does that mean, that a month after the troops leave Iraq, if the Iraqi government fails, that the man gave his leg in vain?

    The tragedy in this whole thing is that as the US leaves the country is going to collapse. There is debate whether the real purpose of the war was for oil, or the the rather ambitious plan to bring democracy to the Middle East. The latter is a noble goal, but Bush really bit off more than he can chew. The COST of the war is just way too much. Too much in terms of money, lost lives, and lost good will towards the US. Bush tried to spread democracy from the end of a gun. Not gonna work!

  5. For Colt: Very SHORT videos showing were the GOP ticket stands on keeping this war going.

    McCains statements on the war.

    Palin calls it a “task from God: that is what we are praying for”


  6. How is it that I can see the same thing, but something completely different?
    Neither one show me proof that they want war.
    The first one: He talks about maintaining presence for a 100 years, IF NECESSARY. He specifically says as long as Americans are not being injured, or harmed, or wounded, or killed. He is talking about maintaining a presence in a volatile part of the world for strategic purposes, just as we do in South Korea, Japan, and other places around the world.
    How did you not understand that?
    The second one: Give me the full video. An excerpt is just like if I were to take the excerpt of Obama’s screw up the other night saying “my Muslim faith” and used that as an argument. I got to see the whole video to comment.
    Ok, I found the whole video…
    “Pray for our military men and women who are striving to do what is right for this country; that our leaders, our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God…we have to make sure that plan is God’s plan.”
    I don’t really know about that yet, I got to think about it, but initially it sounds like we need to pray for our military and the intentions of our leaders, and that those intentions are God’s plans.
    What do you think? Give me some credit on that first video. You had that all wrong. He never did speak about keeping a “war” going. Keeping a military presence is no new concept, which keeps us intel in many countries around the world.

  7. i think that regardless of who is elected in november, the troop withdrawl timetable is going to be the same. iraq wants us out and the american people want us out, we just can’t stay there any longer, and washington starting to realize that. the real question is: how many of those troops are going to be re-directed into afghanistan and what is our situation there going to look like a year from now? to know that we will have to wait and see. the main difference that i see between the republicans and democrats is their perspective on civil liberties.

    ps. i second sanityinjection, please don’t crosspost entries on my page

  8. When two sides are at war with each other, how many sides does it take to decide to end it? One side, or both?

    The whole issue really comes down to just that. And you know, it’s a little bit silly to imply that when two sides are at war, one side can unilaterally decide to end the war.

  9. “When two sides are at war with each other, how many sides does it take to decide to end it? One side, or both?”

    The question vastly oversimplifies the issue, but in the case of Iraq, inasmuch as American forces had to enter the country in order to fight, I would guess in this case if America decided to quit the war would be over. If Iraq decided to quit, they would still have the presence of foreign soldiers on their soil.

    Imagine that: We could save hundreds of billions of dollars just by walking away!

  10. So, are you going to reply on my reply to your videos?

  11. Yeah, Colt. It’s a good video, and I can see your point.
    I have nothing against dedicated soldiers serving their country.
    It’s a wonderful tribute and sometimes sacrifice that they give, and no one can belittle that.

    My gripe is Commander in Chief, who used this dedication for a senseless war. War should be a last resort, and he used it for oil and profits. He lied to Americans about the need for war, about the progress of the war, and about having a plan to end the war. That’s a betrayal of the trust soldiers have in their commander.

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