Mechanics of Terrorism

Terrorism works by taking a noble idea and
corrupting it with distortions.

A poorly educated religious fanatic takes the words of a holy book, combines it
with the desire to rid his country of foreigners and convinces someone with even
less education that strapping explosive to himself and killing others is "the
will of God." This is morally bankrupt. One has to wonder who is more at fault
here, the bomber, or the misguided "teacher" who advocates death as some kind of

The war in Iraq takes a noble idea and distorts it. The
idea is "Democracy in the Middle East."
Poorly educated leaders in the US use the mantra of spreading democracy, or
defending freedom to take over the oil fields of a sovereign nation. They wrap
themselves in the flag, and establish a facade of religious righteousness. You
can almost hear the strains of "Onward Christian Soldiers!" But God weeps at the
mixing of war and holiness. In truth, the reasons for the war invasion are
distorted. The good will of the soldiers betrayed. There is no doubt here that
unenlightened leaders have misused the power of the military. You cannot force
"freedom" on a nation at the end of a rifle.

The recent Bob Woodward book (War Within) claims in one
operation that over 33,000 homes in Bagdad were invaded by US soldiers  to
search for terrorists. They found a total of 70 suspects. That’s over 500 doors
kicked in for every one suspect. That’s not spreading democracy, it’s spreading
fear. Karma is not just personal. It applies to nations too. One has to wonder
if the wave of mortgage foreclosures in the US might have something to do with
the John Wayne style kicking in of all those doors in Bagdad. You see, Karma is
spiritual, not material. It doesn’t matter if the door is kicked in by a banker
or a soldier. The point is, your family is disrupted. OH, how much better the
nation of Iraq would have been had we gone in with the Peace Corps instead of
Blackhawk helicopters!


~ by christianliberal on September 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Mechanics of Terrorism”

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog about terrorism.
    I both agrre and disagree with you. Terrorism is not necessarily the act of a poorly educated religious fanatic who guide even less educated people to perform a terrorist action. Many fo these leaders are very well educated, but doesn’t always wnat to get rid of all the foreigners in the country. Getting rid of foreigners like that is racism/nazism. But the people they target in their actions are not people they think are inferior to themselves, but people they think are seriously corrupting their own country. It’s understandable, but not justifiable.

    Democracy is definitely a noble idea, but as you say, it can not be forced on a country through military actions. Military power has been, and is still being misused. The war in Iraq is a good example and I suspect there might be ulterior motives, besides giving the Iraqi people freedom. They have lost the leader they had. Allthough he was not a good one, they don’t have one who can, even not to a certain extent, unify his country. Iraq is left in chaos after the invasion.

    Religion has been, and will probably still be, an issue in the major differences in the world. It has for a long time been used as an excuse to start a war, way before even the Medeval times.

  2. Good analysis, Cashja, THANKS!
    The link to your blog is not set up.
    What is your blog URL?

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