Palin Trojan Horse; another GOP deception

You really have to hand to the Republicans: they sure know how to deceive! By picking a woman who is opposed to what women want they sneak another one by the public. A real Trojan Horse! Palin is opposed to health care, environmental protections, womens’ rights, and the peace movement.

They found Clarence Thomas, the only black judge to vote against minority rights. Now they want an anti-female female. All they need next is a Hispanic who hates immigrants, and they would have the GOP tri-fecta of deception.

Well, what can you expect from the folks who rape the environment and call it the “Healthy Forests Initiative”, or who create death from the sky devices and call it a “Peacekeeper Missile.” You have to wonder how long they can hoodwink public opinion.


~ by christianliberal on September 10, 2008.

14 Responses to “Palin Trojan Horse; another GOP deception”

  1. Once again, I need you to prove to me that Sarah Palin is against all of these. Not saying your wrong, just saying that I need to hear something more solid than an accusation.

  2. straight to the point.

    you have to give them credit for picking a bombshell though. i wonder how this would have played out had they got someone a bit more mature like McCain?

    I honestly believe they are using this as a ‘sex sells’ campaign in the end…just my opinion though.

  3. Yes, the Palin pick is pure jingoism, which is the GOP’s primary strategy for garnering votes from people who don’t really pay attention. What’s scary is that it works for them.

  4. I see we are pretty much on the same wavelength. I like what you say of course. I’ll look forward to reading more. 🙂

  5. I think Sarah was the perfect choice. McCain is finally exacting his revenge upon Karl Rove and Bush. John had a good shot at being the Republican nominee in 2000…then Rove happened.

    Payback baby!

  6. I suppose if they would let anyone interview her with tough questions that are not vetted by the party leaders, we might get some real answers on just what her positions are, but as it is, they keep blaming the “liberal biased” press, which is in itself a fallacy. When 80% of talk radio is very conservative and most TV news is relatively center on the scale with FOX leaning far right, and the debates now run by lobbyists instead of the League of Women Voters, I’m doubtful if we’ll get anything but talking points for the rest of the campaign. I guarantee you, if it were Obama’s daughter that was pregnant, it would not be “off limits” or spun as a “good choice”.

    Why the voting public is not seeing that is beyond me. There are many exaggerations and a few falsehoods being written about her by bloggers, but nowhere near the out and out lies that have been said about Obama.

    If the ability to multi-task is now high up on the scale for choosing our candidates, the bar has been lowered considerably.

  7. amen to that, christianliberal. one can only hope that most people of faith will see the trojan horse for what it is before it’s too late. lens1, while it’s true karl rove was pushing for mitt romney as the vp, i hardly think there’s any payback happening– karl rove is advising the mccain campaign now (how he gets to do that while maintaining an analyst spot at Fox News is beyond me) and mccain has even gone as far as employing the services of the very man who engineered the “illegitimate black baby” smear campaign used to such great success against him in the 2000 primary in south carolina. the man has absolutely no moral principles left. and i say this as someone who thought the mccain of 2000 was an admirable man.

  8. Colt: Sorry to be so slow to respond, but here is one item I find despicable.
    Talk about environmental issues . .
    Palin supports AERIAL WOLF HUNTING:

  9. Great site. Palin is the last stanza in the Republican song of pandering and diversion. “Left the Eagle Sore…”

  10. I believe you and your Liberal ilk will go on with your degradation of opinion and reality for the next two months, right? This is purely hatred in opinion’s ignorant ravings. I’ll be you opine at the Daily Kos, where you’ll find kindred spirits of distortion. To be more informed, run over to my blog. Truth will out if you let it.

  11. Someone please remind me how the party of Bush, with an aging member of the Washington elite and an ideologue forced into window dressing, has sold themselves as “change” and “reform” as they plan more wars and stricter social policies.

  12. What is a liberal christian? Definitely an oxymoron or just a moron. There is no such animal. If you are a Christian you would be against abortion. What about God’s right to give life instead of a women’s right to kill.

  13. I AM against abortion. I can say with certainty that I will never get one! I’ve said before, if Christ came back today, He would definitely NOT be a “Let’s keep things the same” conservative! 😉
    The abortion issue is just one of a long list of issues that are often attributed to liberals and conservatives. The really important problems facing our nation today are such matters as the economy, and I know Jesus had a lot to say about the wealthy getting into heaven, helping the poor, and the love of money.
    Immigration & Health Care: see the Good Samaritan. Pre-emptive war: “Love your enemies.” Immigration: “Even as ye treat the least of these, my brothers, you have treated me.” I could go on, but I think I’ll just bask in the glow of Lee Ann’s Christian love before I say anything else.

  14. What Sarah Palin brings to the table has been colorfully coined “Palin Power”. It scares anyone that cares to defend the principles of the Constitution for a lot of reasons, but mainly because her values and beliefs virtually render the dawn of a police-like state. Sarah Palin’s nomination came about – following covert meetings and conversations among members and associates of The Family. One could compare this to how a closed society works.

    To read more:

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