On terrorism, martyrs, and virgins, oh my!

Many religious beliefs have their origin in revelations from God.
Certainly the Muslim concept of the afterlife came from a glimpse into spiritual realms by a Prophet. One concept growing out of such a glimpse is that a martyr will be
rewarded with 72 virgins on the other side.

Modern research into near-death experiences sheds light on such
ideas. There is evidence that once released from the restrictions
of the flesh that the soul can
and does soar to dimensions we
can only dream of. Occult science, however, sees seven levels,
or “Heavens”, and the lowest of these is the sensual pleasures arena.
The more exalted levels of mind and spirit far transcend that
initial plateau.

Being a martyr for the spiritual benefit, or even the material benefit
of others might in some cases bring a reward in heaven. Terrorism,
brings a different kind of “reward.” It seems that justice,
on the other side takes the form of you experiencing the effects of
what you have done to others.

Some examples:

“The first thing I saw was my angry childhood. I saw myself torturing other children, stealing their bicycles or making them miserable at school.  One of the most vivid scenes was of the time I picked on a child at grade school because he had a goiter that protruded from his neck.  The other kids in the class picked on him too, but I was the worst.  At the time I thought I was funny.  But now, as I relived this incident, I found myself in his body, living with the pain that I was causing.  This perspective continued through every negative incident in my childhood, a substantial number to be sure.  From fifth to twelfth grade, I estimate I had at least six thousand fistfights.  Now, as I reviewed my life in the bosom of the Being, I relived each of those altercations, but with one major difference: I was the receiver.”
– Dannion Brinkley, Saved by the Light

“The first image I saw was something bad that I did.
(I used a key to scratch a car). I could feel the pain that I caused because of my actions.”

“. . . everything I saw I could feel the results of
it. Like, everything I did had a life of its own. Like when I felt the owner of the car (and his) feelings and thoughts, then he told his wife about it and I could feel her pain too, and on and on and on. (Not a good feeling).”

“He showed me the things I did out of love too. He
showed me the time I took this homeless boy I become friends with. I took him home with me, we shower together, we eat together and I give him some of my cloths too. I could feel how happy I made my angel feel. He told me that those are the things that really matter, those where the things that will make a difference in the world for the better.”

Near Death Experience Research Foundation

So what then will be the reward of one who creates death, fear, and discord in others?

They will get to feel the horror of the death they have inflicted on others, and the anguish
they have caused their families. Better, then, to spread kindness and
compassion. This is what Jesus meant by saying it is “better to store up
treasure in Heaven.”


~ by christianliberal on September 12, 2008.

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