Stock market: Kind of scary – Bush Policy Failures

The worst terrorist is George Bush.
He has wasted $3 TRILLION dollars on this stupid war.
Did he really think that would have no effect on our economy?

Scary #1.
Now the stock market crashes: Taxpayers get the bill, yet you’ll soon realize the big-wig CEOs won’t lose a dime from their compensation, or from their golden parachute contracts. The wheeler-dealer stock brokers won’t lose a dollar from their fat bonuses, but the taxpayers will foot the bill.

Scary #2.
Huge tax breaks for businesses and the wealthy. Billions in no-bid contracts, and our military wasting its time in Iraq. What a shame!

Scary #3.
Somehow, the Rovian spin-meisters will blame this on Obama, and non-thinkers will STILL support the McCain/Palin ticket which promises more of the same. More of the same “protect the wealthy first” mentality. More of the same “kill them over there, before they attack us over here” policies. In the meantime, the economic collapse engineered by Bush is FAR worse than any terrorist could ever dream up.

Our economy down the drain

Our economy down the drain


~ by christianliberal on September 15, 2008.

7 Responses to “Stock market: Kind of scary – Bush Policy Failures”

  1. ChristianLiberal…you are so right here. There have been so many failings with the Republicans over the past 8 years that it is easy to lose sight of them all. Great post! Democrat Dave

  2. Two things:
    Huge tax cuts for businesses and the wealthy. Tax cuts for businesses make sense. If you can make a legit argument otherwise, I’d love to hear it. Some of the taxes that are charged businesses by our government are just plain laughable. And don’t act like the wealthy don’t pay far more than what you make. These tax cuts doesn’t drop their percentage low enough to even come close to the percentage that blue collar workers pay. The government, for many years, has taxed the wealthy a higher percentage. That’s discrimination for being more successful. Simple economics will tell you that when we have more money, we spend more money. When the government spends that money, it is almost always inefficient. The rich, while they will still pay a higher percentage than average Americans, endure tax cuts that make it more fair.
    Second Point
    Tell me how the Bush administration is to blame for the economy? You can’t say war, because wartime helps the economy. I’m don’t like war, but it does help the economy is all I’m saying. So you can’t say war. Tell me what’s so bad about the economy right now?
    Sorry, one more question for you: What do you think about Obama saying that military might be an option for Iran?

  3. Colt asks:
    Tell me how the Bush administration is to blame for the economy?

    I thought you knew a thing or two about economics!

    Well, first, the President sets policy which affects taxation, enforcement (or lack thereof) of anti-trust rules, banking regulations, financial institutions, money supply, interest rates, and a whole slew of “buck stops here” decision making processes that directly affect the economy.

    Second, there are vast numbers of ways the President affects the economy in secondary ways, like what taxes are spent on, policies about raping the forests, for example, lets loggers make huge profits at the expense of the environment. Multiply that by the gas, coal, oil, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries and you have a tremendous effect on the economy.

    Finally, by pushing a strictly money-oriented policy, encourages companies to send jobs overseas, lowering the standard of living for millions of Americans.

    Oh, I could go on.

  4. I’m going to need something solid. Tell me the policies you’re talking about. These are the accusations, but give me some substance as to what he has done. What policy did he set that rapes the forests? Loggers are just workers who make money off of products that are obviously needed.

    Actually, what policy has pushed jobs overseas? The thing encouraging jobs to be pushed overseas was the labor costs. There is a few more things, but the government can’t punish these companies, but they can offer incentives to keep jobs here.
    Do you wanna know something really interesting about Economics? It is actually more beneficial for our Economy to offshore jobs. The only reason candidates always talk negative about it is because of the popularity of the subject. Americans, lacking in Economic knowledge, will have a hard time understanding how this works.
    But yeah, tell me what the policies are you are talking about. Either I am going to make you a stronger liberal or I will convert you!!! haha. I just like some substance, instead of accusations, so that maybe I will understand what it is about Bush policies that people hate. Maybe I will hate them too.

  5. This is one of my favorite economist. Read this article that kind of puts the President’s power into perspective a little bit.

  6. I did read it. Thanks.
    Coupla points.

    1. Notice the sub-head in the upper left corner.
    It reads “A MINORITY VIEW ”

    2. The banks that failed and need bailout were those which were not regulated. Those that are regulated have ample capital reserves, and don’t need assistance.

    3. Over the last 10 years, McCain describes himself as “against regulation”, as opposed to regulation.

    Sounds like the policy of no regulation is like letting the money changers run the country.

  7. 1. A Minority View is the name of the publication. He’s a black economist, hence the name, Minority.
    2. Agreed. It’s pretty ridiculous.
    3. Two different things, my friend. Against regulation means he is against more government control of things and their monopolies. Doesn’t mean he’s against having rules and safeguards.

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