GOP Stockholm syndrome: Against your interests

Stockholm syndrome is that condition where a kidnap
victim turns to support their own kidnapper. It’s a survival mechanism that
sacrifices the victims own self-interest in the hope that the abuser will let
them live.

I wonder if Republicans are suffering from a variation of this. The GOP is
supporting candidates that work against their own interests. Why else would
anyone support a leader who promises to send their children to war, who supports
deregulation in the financial markets, even as stocks come crashing down around

McCain has for two decades supported
across-the-board deregulation. It’s like telling the logging industry they can
clear-cut all the trees they want, regardless of watershed issues, habitat, or
forest renewal. We should trust the loggers, in other words, to take care of the
industry themselves, and just HOPE they won’t cut down everything just for
short-term profit. Trouble is, it doesn’t work.  This current stock market
disaster is the result of giving in to the mantra of deregulation. Sure, it’s a
lovely concept, but it doesn’t work. People are just too greedy.

Why would anyone support a pro-war, money-first
"Well, he’s an abuser, but he’s OUR abuser!"


~ by christianliberal on September 18, 2008.

4 Responses to “GOP Stockholm syndrome: Against your interests”

  1. Alright, this pro-war thing is getting out of hand. He’s just as much pro-war as Obama. Because he’s NOT pro-war and you will not find any evidence that will support your claim. No politician is pro-war. And McCain promises to send your children to war? If you show me where McCain promises to send your children to war, then I’ll show you a Democratic candidate that actually puts the country first. Just not going to happen. “When the going gets tough, vote present.”
    You have to give me something to support your claim that GOP deregulation has led to the stock market disaster. Please, give me something. The comparison of trees, doesn’t support that claim at all. It’s a horrible attempt at a comparison, that actually has nothing to do with deregulation.

  2. I think the tree example works perfect. When large companies aren’t regulated in today’s market they gobble up as much profit as they can in the shortest time possible. Corporations don’t have to worry about accountability because even if they go under, the people actually running the thing won’t be burned at all..

  3. I love the Internet, you can’t make an analogy and have it not get shredded. 🙂

    As part of deregulation, financial companies are now able to offer a wide array of services. Unfortunately, some of these services create conflict of interest. As a more concrete example, a company that makes mortgages and investments can package its mortgages up as an investment and sell it the investment arm of the company. Basically, you have a conflict of interest because the investment arm needs the mortgage arm to sell more mortgages which in turn gives temptation to make unreasonably risky mortgages. Under the regulations that were repealed by Gramm, this situation would not have been allowed to happen.

  4. yes, i agree it must be some kind of syndrome. Although republicans claim the liberals have the bleeding hearts, maybe republicans continue to support candidates and a party that doesn’t have their best interest at heart at all because of some deep seated masochism or comeuppance for past wrongs. Especially working class republicans. They are the hardest afflicted. At least if you’re rich you have an excuse because the republican policies are actually in your economic best inteest. But if you’re middle class or poor I can’t see why you would. Rove is clever but to be able to pull this off even amid an economic crisis is truly diabolical

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