Election Summary: Our choices

Let’s see if we got this straight:

We have a bungling cowboy in the White House now.
Elected because you can have a beer with him.
He’s wasted
on a war with Iraq for questionable
The cowboy now wants
to bail out Wall Street.

The GOP puts up a 72-year old candidate who admits
he’s a bit slow on economics.
He runs on a "deregulation" platform for 20 years.
His campaign economic advisor (Gramm) devised the plan that contributed to the
Wall Street fiasco.
His running mate has even LESS experience, and no exposure to foreign policy.
The GOP represents 4 more years of failed Bush policies.

Obama actually has a plan for a prosperous US.
Biden has vast political and foreign policy experience.

My question: Why would anyone vote for McCain? (Well, maybe some people want to go skin a moose with Palin.)

She can skin a moose!

She can skin a moose!


~ by christianliberal on September 19, 2008.

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