Near-Death Experience Statistical Report

A Near-Death Experience Statistical Report
is now available, including Appendix cross-tabulation tables.

  • Most NDE events are considered wonderful, 54.0%, while 37.3% have mixed perceptions. Only 8.6% describe their experience as frightening.
  • Sometimes, an important finding is that there are no significant differences between groups. No differences in near-death experiences were found for
    white versus non-white respondents.  Similarly, there were very few differences between those experiences occurring  inside versus outside of the
    United States
  • The NDE contains many common elements. Two thirds report an out-of-body experience, and almost as many see a light. More than half report strong
    emotional tone and receiving knowledge. Almost half report seeing unearthly beings.
  • The out-of-body experience is more often reported by those under 40 years of age. For the total sample 67.7% report an out-of-body episode,
    but this is significantly lower at 59.6% for those aged 40 to 49, and 48.4% for those 50 and older. The highest incidence is 76.2% in the 10 to 19
    year age group. An out-of-body is also more often associated with clinical death, 75.1% versus 63.0% for those with a non-life threatening event.
  • Encountering unearthly beings is higher for females, 53.1%, compared to males, 40.3%.
  • Reports of both darkness and void drop off significantly after age 50. Darkness and void are higher for those reporting a frightening experience.
  • A life review is least common for those aged 50 and over. Their rate of reporting is 10.9%, about half of the total sample, 21.6%. The life review is
    also higher for those who report clinical death.
  • Changes in feelings about death are reported highest for those who also report a wonderful experience, 86.5% versus 75.4% for those with a frightening
    experience. It was also highest for those who reported clinical death, 87.8% compared to 83.0% for the whole sample.
  • The development of healing and psychic abilities is significantly higher among women, 71.4%, compared to men, 60.7%. Such abilities occur most often
    for those who report clinical death, 75.5%, compared to 61.9% for those with a non-life threatening experience.

Summary Video

White paper report

Appendix A.

Gender, Age,Race

Appendix B.

USA vs.Foreign; Health Status at time of Experience;

Experience Frightening; Religious Type

Appendix C.

Medical Condition: Clinical Death / Serious Condition / Non-Life Threatening

After-Effects Were: Positive / Mixed / Disturbing


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9 Responses to “Near-Death Experience Statistical Report”

  1. thank you for very interesting article , want good luck

  2. Great Post!

  3. If I was never born, would there be a “soul” Robi Schwab? Most defenitely not. So, once I die there also cannot be a “soul” now can there? Bibkically, what you’re all saying is false. 1 text, Eccl. 9. Read it. There’s NOTHING after death. I can quote you another multiple Bible Texts which proves my statement.

    • Well, maybe the BODY will not endure, at least not in the material sense, but certainly the soul endures. I would refer to the MANY references to the Resurrection in the Bible. Jesus said “I go to prepare a place for you.” What part of “you” is that?

  4. some say that you have to be a fool to beleive in an afterlife, sometimes that has been me as well, but id rather be a fool than hopeless

  5. As Bishop Jakes has said, I’d rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn’t a God, than to live my life as if there was no God and find out there is a God. I have nothing to lose.

    I’m not sure what the writer thinks Ecclesiastes 9 says, but it doesn’t say anything about the lack of an afterlife.

  6. Hey I was really wanting to use this information in a speech, but I need some sources..where did most of these statistics come from?

  7. I think the admin of this site is actually working hard for his web page, as here every data is quality based material.

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