Worshiping the Golden Calf – – (money)

Beware the worship of the golden calf
(Exodus 32), which is known nowadays as

worshiping money

I say “beware” because now the politicians are using key words that are equivalent to the worship of money, although they clearly hide the real meaning.

You’ll see it in terms like “helping small business” or “job creation” and it usually masks the transfer of wealth from the middle class to the wealthiest Americans. The politicians have long claimed that
by helping small businesses, the wealth will trickle down to workers. This is far from the truth. Business owners keep wages low, and keep most of the profits for themselves. The push to deregulate industries was based on this false theory. They claimed that as wealthy businesses got bigger, the little guy would benefit. Instead, what we see is the current financial mess that is costing taxpayers another $700 billion. The trickle down theory is a smokescreen for greed and worship of money.


~ by christianliberal on October 5, 2008.

4 Responses to “Worshiping the Golden Calf – – (money)”

  1. The often missed objective in this scheme to most Americans is the fact that they have carefully planned these fiascos. These meltdowns and even the illegal invasion of Iraq are a simple formula.

    These key figures since Alexander Hamilton have planned and executed the Central Bank scheme. Control the money, print the money, lend the money to these selected partners and collect the interest.The partners are the Corporatists who deal in defense, financial, media communications,real estate and energy.

    Step one is to create the market, inflate the values, use Wallstreet to tout the deal, open the doors and let the market flood in on these boondoggles. The American people and competitor companies will dive in freely because we all want to get rich. Then they drop the hammer on the market. They know that all involved are guilty of excessive involvement for gain. Then the key players enter for rescue to buy the collapsed entities.

    Step two is to create the FEAR of dyer circumstances if fast and furious action is not taken. War funding (surge) AIG(bailout), Bear Stearns (Buyout) FMAE and FMAC(bailout)are all unconstitutional actions and Congressional players from both aisles are in this Ponzi scheme. You can review the conspirators and dupes here.http:

    Step three is the one that is not focused on. This is the merging into monopoly as the major goal. Our constitution and courts have had clear concerns regarding monopolies and many major attempts at such mergers have been thwarted. This formula now manages to circumvent the oversight and review of these actions.

    SAMPLES – Financial, real estate ponzi’s

    Foothill Capital – Wells Fargo – Wachovia
    Bank of America – Countrywide – Merrill, Lynch
    JPMorgan – Bear Stearns – Washington Mutual

    JPMorgan, AIG, TRAVELERS(citigroup) UBS (Warburg) and other select Bilderberg monoliths who will control US Markets and then converge with EU conglomerates and the deal is over. KKR and Blackstone working as well to gain other monoplies outside the business and financial sectors. Is the next step to eliminate the last two standing. Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. Are the CEO’s now part of the plan to fail their companies for takover by the monoliths mentioned above? Who will the final players be? Once the Citigroup, BOA, AIG’s and JPMorgans get swallowed we will have these finalists.

    USB (Warburg)

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  3. Take a look at the Canadian Banking System. We have 5-6 major banks that all compete and often work in tandem through the Bank of Canada (our Fed). Truthfully, the closer and more controlled banking is, the safer it has been for us here. The trade-off, less Venture Capitalism, higher down payments and collateral required. That’s about it.

  4. You liberals are so lost as you worship the commie obama. Who wishes to see you all shacked. I’ll pray for your lost souls. A democrat christian is an oxymoron. It can’t be.

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