A Climate of Viscious Intolerance

We live in a climate of vicious extremism that doesn’t tolerate moderation. If the Golden Rule had been followed by the
business sector we would be seeing capitalism flourish with just a touch of regulation to prevent abuse of the system. Instead, the extremists demanded unfettered control by money interests and threw off any form of monitoring or regulation. This allowed the money-changers to rule the economy. The current economic collapse is the end result of a policy of greed and irresponsibility.

There seems to be a kind of national karma at work now, that pushes the pendulum in the opposite direction. Instead of free
markets, Bush and his cronies must now resort to massive socialist-like over-control, just to avoid total disaster. The real damage was done when the
trickle-down fat-cats insisted on no control at all. Now, those who worshiped the golden calf of capitalism are forced to resort to government intervention in every aspect of the financial markets.

The “uniter, not a divider” openly scorned
the opposition, and tried to eliminate the competition. Look at the “K-Street” project, which allowed only Republicans to get government contracts, or the stacking of the Justice Department with Bush-only loyalists. Now, the chickens have come home to roost, and the GOP is paying for it at the polls. Doesn’t this
teach us a lesson about tolerance?


~ by christianliberal on October 10, 2008.

One Response to “A Climate of Viscious Intolerance”

  1. spoken like a true poet
    trickle-down fat-cats
    now am wondering if we’re gonna have too pay again

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