(P)resident Todd Palin

Just something to think about.

Todd Palin sits in on many of the Governor Palin’s official business meetings.
John McCain is 72 and has had a few bouts with cancer.
One has to wonder, if Palin becomes president, what the role would be of Todd Palin.


Todd Palin seated behind a White House desk and shaping national policy could be one of the most dangerous aspects of a potential Sarah Palin presidency.

The telling vignette shows Todd Palin’s position in the governor’s office. Dressed in a business suit, seated behind a big conference table with state documents in front of him, he tried to tell the state’s top cop how to do his job.

This is a man who was a member of theĀ  Alaskan Independence Party, a radical group advocating Alaskan secession from the United States.


The role played by Todd in carrying out his wife’s vendetta was highly unusual. He had no official duties in government. He acknowledged, however, that he made numerous calls to state officials to press his case against the governor’s ex-brother-in-law.

First Dude

First Dude


~ by christianliberal on October 15, 2008.

4 Responses to “(P)resident Todd Palin”

  1. Yeah, it is pretty scary. However my confidence in Obama’s presidency is rapidly increasing; and it seems this debate is going to keep it on that track. The Palins will then have to return to Alaska to deal with Troopergate and whatever other corruption is lingering in their puruits up there.I almost felt bad for her at first; un-vetted, unprepared, with no national experience and no knowledge of the issues that matter to this election. But then she was implicit in incitement of ignorant fear, bigotry, and hatred. So I don;t feel bad for her anymore. She and McCain have made their bed and they will “sleep” in it on Nov. 4th.
    Again, it is refreshing to see a Christian liberal, the way Jesus intended.

  2. Yeah, but he is kind of cute. Wouldn’t want to risk the country’s economy, never mind half a dozen other things on it. . . but he is kind of cute. Just looking for a bright spot if things go badly!

  3. There is much more to this story than meets the eye. Todd is truly intimidating to many Alaskans and he works along side Stevens with the TransCanada Pipeline. He is more involved really.

  4. With Sarah Palin losing, I suspect that will put a damper on the dog and pony show up there. With them being in the public spotlight, they will not be able to get away with abuses they incurred in the past. MHO.

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