Obama’s Dream Cabinet

Obama Dream Cabinet

(Well, some of it may be tongue-in-cheek.)

Secretary of State: Christopher Dodd, senior statesman
Treasury Secretary: Paul Krugman, Nobel prize in economics

Secretary of Defense: Wesley Clark, clear vision in Iraq
Homeland Security: Richard Clark, counter-terrorism expert fired by Bush just before 9/11

Attorney General: Henry Waxman, investigated abuses by Bush cabinet
Press secretary: David Gregory, one of the few reporters with real questions

Senior White House Advisor: David Gergen, expert analyst
Chief of Staff: Dennis Kucinich, great idea man

On the lighter side:

Veterans Affairs: Cindy Sheehan
Housing & Urban Development: Al Sharpton

Special Assignments:
– Karl Rove, Envoy to Zimbabwe
– Rush Limbaugh, Envoy to Somalia
– George Bush, new solid waste management czar

Obama Cabinet

Obama Cabinet

And just for fun

And just for fun


~ by christianliberal on October 16, 2008.

8 Responses to “Obama’s Dream Cabinet”

  1. I really haven’t thought about Obama’s potential cabinet members yet. I did think that Hillary would play some part in it, but based on what she said last night on CNN about wanting to remain a senator I have my doubts whether that will happen now.

    Your picks on the lighter side are hilarious! Wonder how Limbaugh would make out in Somalia? George Bush is the perfect fit for Solid Waste Management Czar he comes in with exceptional credentials.

    Since McCain was so worried about Obama spending he seems to have over looked Bush’s TRILLION dollar spending spree in Iraq.


  2. I have a 17 year old son, who would just walk out the door and go to a friends house to watch the tv or play the video games. I can’t pull his ass back in the door with force because that is considered to be child abuse…Yeah. that pisses me off. I should have that right too…you are right.

    need to check this web site out though…I think Obama’s house of cards is about to fall in…or a good chance of it though. ALL THE DOTS ARE STARTING TO CONNECT…


  3. It sounds a bit like your dream cabinet. LOL. Some are fine, but where is Richardson from NM? And, psst. the blue ink is just horrid on feeds. I can barely read it at all. Extrememly harsh. You might want to change that. It truly does make me skip reading your blog, it’s just too hard on the eyes.

  4. Tongue in cheek or not, this is the scariest “cabinet” I have ever seen – and the really scary one is Obama at the top of the ticket. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America!

  5. Too late! Bush went way past the socialism label with his nationalization of the banks!

  6. LD, I agree with you. I wished it would come out, too. For I have been doing alot of check out here…Not a whole lot to say that some of the rumors are true but alot of intertwining…of organizations that Obama sat on the board of directors with that does show some links to ACORN. Obama sat on the board of directors at Project Vote from April to Oct. of 1992. Project Vote is a trade name whose parent company is registered at the same address in New Orleans that ACORN and multiple ACORN Affiliates are housed. It does show the links to FACTCHECK.ORG. Which makes one ask themself, Can Factcheck be helping him cover up that this in not a real birth certificate?? He did sit on a board of directors at the WOODS FUND from 2000 to 2002. Which they met 12 times at a meeting. Obama served on the board of directors for Chicago Annenburg Challenge from 1995 to 2002. He sat as founding president and chairman from 1995 to 1999. Guess who was one of the 3 is, who started this Chicago Annenburg Challenge up and running?? William Ayres was in 1995. He was a member of the board of directors at the Joyce Foundation from 1994 to 2002.
    The Chicago Annenburg Challenge and Factcheck are both funded by the Annenburg Foundation.
    So far, this is all I have come up with. It doesn’t say he is guilty of anything in any way yet…But it does leave enough doubt to keep searching for the truth….for things still don’t all add up. But connectiing the all the dots to one another is happening.

  7. The Conference of Catholic Bishops has released a voting guide. In it, they state that “a Catholic may never vote for candidates precisely because they advocate and advance intrinsic moral evils like abortion; to do so is to cooperate formally (intentionally) with a grave evil“. Obama is the most pro-Abortion candidate ever, yet he still poll high amongst many so-called Catholics. Can I say hypocrits! How can they ever take the moral high ground on any topic related to life ever again?

  8. Some say sending 4400 American troops to their death (for oil) in Iraq is advocating evil too. Question is, who decides? Who do they decide for? Themselves or others? Some say “spilling seed” is immoral too. When men give up touching themselves, then they can show by example how one controls one’s own body.

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