Christian Reincarnation?

Reba McEntire recently announced:

“I believe in reincarnation,” she told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette in advance of her Friday concert at the Mellon Arena. “I believe I’ve gone both ways — that I have been here before as a man.”

“I will get flak from Christians who will say I can’t be a Christian if I believe this. That’s true, and I’m sorry, but this is how I live my life, this is what I believe,” she told the paper. “I believe I have spent time with my son Shelby before. I believe I have spent time with other people in my life before. Who knows? Maybe I’m part Buddhist.”,2933,440001,00.html

But many believe you CAN be Christian and still believe in reincarnation.
Some scholars point to the passage in Mark 9:12 about John the Baptist being the reincarnation of Elijah.

The famous psychic Edgar Cayce postulated that we are born again.
And many would argue the word “resurrection” in Aramaic can be translated as reincarnation.

I dunno. Keep an open mind.

Meanwhile  ( 😉 ), Reba DOES kinda look like Dana Carvey, no?


~ by christianliberal on October 19, 2008.

6 Responses to “Christian Reincarnation?”

  1. If reincarnation is real, why does the population of the world continually increase? Everyone can’t be the reincarnation of someone else. The math doesn’t work.

    While Dana kinda’ looks like Reba, I will never find him sexy. I like the guy and all, but…

  2. Well, there might be 200 billion souls in God’s universe and only (at present) 6 billion are incarnating right now.

  3. I definitely see the Dana Carvey resemblance. 😉

    Reincarnation is not really an interest of mine, and I lean toward it not being a reality, but I cringe at any variation of, “You can’t be a Christian if you . . . .” Who defines what it means to be Christian? It’s not a fixed definition.

  4. Good points, Ashley, though I would think one would recognize and value the teachings of Jesus Christ in order to call themselves Christian. We could prolly agree on that.

  5. I think it’s possible that Jesus didn’t tell us everything. He had an awful lot to impart while he was here, most especially about the “love thy neighbor as thyself” part–the most important lesson he gave us, I believe. If reincarnation is true, maybe it was better not to muddy the waters? Two thousand years ago people were pretty barbaric. Might not be such a good idea to tell them they could have a second chance, they might not straighten up. (it sure wasn’t working at the time) Hell is far scarier.

  6. As far as the “You can’t be a Christian if…” argument goes, there are many instances that you can use that. You can’t be a Christian and favor abortion. You can’t be a Christian and condone the homosexual lifestyle. You can’t be a Christian believe that there are more ways to heaven then though God’s biblical plan of salvation. You can’t be a Christian and root for the University of Michigan in any sport. Well, OK, maybe I made that last one up. But, what I’m trying say is that you cannot be a Christian and believe things that go against biblical teaching. The Word says that it is appointed unto man ONCE to die, and then the judgment. So, that eliminates reincarnation as something that a Christian can believe in. There are a lot of things that the Bible doesn’t mention, but when it comes to the things it does, then that (along with one’s attitude) is what defines what a Christian is. Thanks for the opportunity to share. And to think, I found this page because I was trying to prove to someone that Dana and Reba were the same person!!!

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