World: Apology for the Bush years

Open letter to citizens of the world.

Weeping for the peace that might have been

Weeping for the peace that might have been

We Americans want to apologize for the tragedy of the Bush years.

As we approach the termination of the worst U.S. presidency in our history, we, the common people of this once great nation, apologize for the crimes the Bush administration has perpetrated on the world. We ask for your forgiveness, as we step towards the brink of electing a true patriot who holds dear the ideals that America once stood for. With Barack Obama as our new leader, we once again have hope for regaining the role of America as the beacon of justice in a peace-hungry world.

We apologize for invading other countries.
We apologize for our role in global warming.
We apologize for advocating torture and preemptive war.
We apologize for abandoning the Geneva Conventions.
We apologize for spying on people.
We apologize for economic coercion.
We apologize for alienating our fellow citizens of the world.

We sincerely hope that the new president will usher in an era of peace and understanding.
Thank you for your patience over the past 8 years, and God bless you.


~ by christianliberal on October 27, 2008.

7 Responses to “World: Apology for the Bush years”

  1. Love your thinking…can I add you to my blogroll? (Cindy)

  2. Sure: Minds that crave peace are united.

  3. Thanks for the comment over in my neck of the prairie.

    Though I’m notorious for my devotion to material reality – concurrent smartass remarks aimed at the most superstitious among us all – I’m known to start discussions about religion and politics with a tale or two that begins, “I remember this priest I shared a cell with – in Chicago in the mid-60’s.”

    There also was a defrocked Methodist minister who convinced me there was nothing wrong with old-time religion – if it got old-time enough. Which is what you seem to sound like.

    His church eventually resumed the courage they’d shed in McCarthy Days and returned his collar and his calling.

    Just wanted to note recognition of the courage your own calling must require before some of your less “old-fashioned” peers.

  4. Hi, and thank you for visiting my blog earlier. I would like to ask you a question in regards to your above article, and specifically the line that says, ” With Barack Obama as our new leader, we once again have hope for regaining the role of America as the beacon of justice in a peace-hungry world. ”

    I’m a little curious as to exactly when in Americas history, have we ever acted like beacons of justice. And although a “peace hungry world” is a wonderful notion, people and countries have been fighting and killing each other long before America was liberated from the Indians.

  5. Ahah! Good observation, SpiritDog – – I guess I would have to fall back on the progress made WITHIN the US, as opposed to actually helping other countries. Though we did help Europe after WWII, and provided SOME aid to suffering countries – but you are right – most of that “aid” was in the form of weapons, so go figure. The real advances would be things like the universal suffrage, the civil rights movement, and the general attitude of having respect for the opposition party when they were out of power. But the tide seems to have changed over the last decade.

  6. I sure hope we see Obama as President and that he embraces the reconciliations you’ve put forward here. If he’s victorious, I think he’ll live up to our hopes.

    I always enjoy visiting your blog… being a full-time student. I don’t get to swing by as often as I’d like.


  7. Most of all, we apologize for liberals and doilies.

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