Obama impressive on 60 Minutes

Obama was VERY impressive in his 60 Minutes interview this evening. He is obviously thoughtful, intelligent, and personable. His answers reflected a grasp of the gravity and significance of the decisions he will have to make in his first days in office. He has a scope and depth of knowledge on the key issues of the economy, military power, and the will of the American people, both in the present situation, and with the backdrop of our national history.

We’ve heard people commend the current president as “someone you could sit down and have a beer with.” Fortunately, most Americans feel the leader of the free world should be perhaps a bit more intelligent than the average Joe, or the typical hockey mom, for that matter. I would hope the president would be MUCH smarter than I am, with a thorough knowledge of our Constitution, our national priorities, and a full comprehension of the political atmosphere. What a refreshing impression Obama made on 60 minutes, showing his character, sagacity, and intelligence.

A president with a brain

A president with a brain


~ by christianliberal on November 16, 2008.

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