Been away for a while

Sorry I’ve been away for a while.

I guess I feel now that Obama is president the world has a good chance of surviving, and possibly even undoing the damage that the Bush administration has done to the country and the world.

Even if the war criminals are not going to jail, at least there is a discussion of their crimes, and Cheney is pathetically trying to defend his torture stance. Yeah, keep THAT argument going, Dick, and we’ll see the GOP sink to under 10% popularity rating.

Meanwhile – Question: What’s with John Boener’s hair?



~ by christianliberal on May 18, 2009.

4 Responses to “Been away for a while”

  1. Why don’t you say something meaningful instead of picking on peoples hairstyles? You don’t see me picking on Michelle Obama’s ugliness, do you? My blog is about making the wrong ideas right. I still can’t figure out what yours is about.

  2. […] Christian Liberal is back to posting, and he points out that John Boehner kind of resembles Howdy Doody. Blue Gal also points out that Cindy McCain and the latest Mrs. Newt Gingrich kind of look like […]

  3. I too have been gone away for awhile. Hope things are well, my friend. Although, it is in my fashion to make an argument about the “damages” comment you made, we’ll save that discussion for another time. 🙂
    I just want to say, hello, and you still have a friend on the other side.

  4. All I can say, is if you believe that the world will be saved now that Obama is in office, you may have been away a lot longer than you think.
    By the way, was Jesus republican or democrat?

    Thats’s what I thought… He was more into tearing down walls between people than building them.
    Maybe we could learn something from Jesus…maybe?

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