GOP: Year 2025

It’s the year 2025, and I’m taking a ride in my solar-powered scooter through the back country of rural Montana. We have decided to visit the Amerish Country. Modeled after the Amish religious group, the GOP is now holed up in a series of “compounds” populated by the last remnants of the Neo-Cons. They refused to summon up the mental courage to face America’s challenges, favoring instead to deny anything that fosters progress. They denied global warming, denied allowing minorities on the Supreme Court, and are still denying the reality of Obama’s birth certificate.

I know I’m getting closer to the compound, as I can see the rusted out hulks of old Hummer vehicles. Now I see the Shrine of the Almighty Dollar as I approach the entrance. I like to tour the old ammo caches and hoards of assault weapons. Oh, there’s Governor Sanford with his three wives selling admission tickets.

I kind of feel sorry for them now, as their “golden god” donkey is now just a weed infested clump of tarnished brass. Worshiping money, they have no currency. Hating science and electricity, they live by candle power. Ah, there’s old Dick Cheney selling confederate flags (made in China) at the newsstand. I pay him in real copper pennies, knowing he gets a kick out of precious metal. Goodbye, GOP, my old friend. Maybe if things get real bad, President Malia Obama will allow you to open a casino on Amerish land. GOP newsstand 2025


~ by christianliberal on August 4, 2009.

One Response to “GOP: Year 2025”

  1. That is pretty funny LOL

    I don’t know which party I could vote for if I was a US citizen. The democratsunder Obama are way too far left and their anti-Christian position is alarming.

    I feel I am conservative,for individual freedom and small government. A welfare state is counter-evolutionary -if people cannot support themselves they should notbe rewarded by more money if they bare more childern. No free ride unless people are really disabled. There is always need for people to paint over graffiti.

    I believe global climate change is real and we will have devasting consequences because of it – the past few years are a sign of things to come.

    I am a scientist,a mathematican by education,so I believe in
    science to find the cures for social problems – not the government.

    Immigration to this country is out of hand – I have lived here as a permanent resident since 1971. There is no logical reason for Obama+Pelosi+Napolitano to give US citizens.

    I believe USA should have a VAT similar to EU with the poor getting a break in some manner.

    What is REALLY wrong in this country is the fact that savings are taxed and debt is encouraged by tax benefits.

    I am a Christian and I am in shock after reading some atheists’ anti-Christian blogs and debates -it is truly shocking that in a country where no god is allowed in public life that so much hatred has grown to replace religion.

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