Make your own church: That’s Liberal!

The Sacramento Bee carried a story about people creating their own worship service.
See: “Do-it-yourself worship in SF” describes people who have services in their own homes. In a time when the clergy is protecting child molesters, major religions drift towards political activism, and church attendance is down, you have to wonder if this is a new trend. Certainly, local group discussions were the form of the early Christian church. What do you think?


~ by christianliberal on April 3, 2010.

One Response to “Make your own church: That’s Liberal!”

  1. I feel having church in a person home is better u dont pay all kinds of things like dues every month and church offerings to be poor. longs the bible and what someone that speaks the word of God to me be fine..

    I am not for politics who is a liberal or democrat or repubnlican..what counts we have values and we can except the teachings what christ had tuaght his followers and what is expressed now to the younger generation.

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