Liberal and Tea Party Common Interest

What do liberals and Tea Partiers have in common? Anything?

The Tea Party complains of “taxation without representation.”

“The Tea Party movement is a populist United States protest movement that promotes fiscal conservatism. The movement emerged in early 2009, partially in response to the 2009 stimulus package as well as the 2008 bailouts.”

Liberals complain that the current political climate favors the wealthy elite.

“Liberalism is the belief in the importance of liberty and equality. Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of
these principles, but most liberals support such fundamental ideas as constitutions, liberal democracy, free and fair elections, human rights,
free trade, secularism, and the market economy.”

The idea that we are taxed without representation has some merit to it.

A “leaked” secret memo by the Citi Group corporation tends to confirm we are living not in a democracy, but in a plutocracy; a society ruled by the wealthy few. The memo states:

“The top 1% of households account for 40% of financial net worth, more than the bottom 95% of households put together.”
“We project that the plutonomies (the U.S., UK, and Canada) will likely see even more income inequality, disproportionately feeding off a further rise in the profit share in their economies, capitalist-friendly governments, more technology-driven productivity, and globalization.”

The real problem is that the wealthiest people make donations to the the legislators who then protect the interests of the wealthy, often by favoring corporate profits over the interests of consumers or the middle class.


Aim at the real problem

Tea Partiers have a strong arm (popular support), and a mighty bow (exposure of the fact of legislators not representing them),
but their aim (liberals) is off the mark.
They should aim at that system whereby the wealthy elite pay the legislators (campaign contributions) to favor corporate money-makers over their own citizens.


~ by christianliberal on April 7, 2010.

7 Responses to “Liberal and Tea Party Common Interest”

  1. […] The Tea Party Movement: Strong arm (popular support), mighty bow (taxation without representation issue), but poor aim (liberals). The real problem is the link between the very wealthy, and the legislators who protect corporate interests. Break that link and the abuse of the middle class ends. See: […]

  2. The reason that they are aiming at the wrong target is because the wealthy elite are telling them where to aim.

  3. Liberals do not believe in ANYTHING the tea party is protesting, PERIOD. Do you believe the top tax bracket should be lowered? I do. I am not in the top bracket, but to say to someone that they must pay more of a percentage of their income than someone else is not ‘fair.’ How much should a citizen pay for the privilege of living in this country and being protected by the military? Is that not equal protection under the law? Then why should someone have to pay more to the government for the EXACT SAME PROTECTION as someone else is getting? Is that ‘fair?” Should a citizen be required to pay for a car, based upon their income? You sir, have to pay $150,000 for this Honda Civic since you make $500K a year, but for you that make $25K per year, the Civic would cost $17,000. Would that be ‘fair.’ Spare me the ‘fair’ argument with taxes. Why should the top 1% of income earners in this country pay for 40% of the federal tab? Why should the top 10% of income earners pay over 75% of the federal tab? Is that ‘fair.’ Only a liberal would call that fair.

    By the way, how much money does Warren Buffet pay in taxes per year? How about George Soros? How much money did Ted Kennedy pay in the Death tax after he passed away? You know, since those 3 individuals rail against the ‘wealthy’, how much did they pay? Let me let you in on a little secret…Warren Buffet pays less in taxes than his secretary does. Ted Kennedy paid ZIPPO. Why? Because they, along with most of the elite liberals, are hypocrites. They talk about paying your ‘fair share’ while all the while, finding loopholes to hide their taxable income so they don’t have to pay the same taxes they say we are not paying our fair share of.

    When Warren Buffet writes a check for $10 billion to the federal government to help with the debt problem, then and only then, will i listen to his politics.

    And by the way…you might want to take a look at the wealthy elite that pay the campaign contributions to the left wing…i.e. the Trial Lawyers and the Unions. Of course, you don’t want to talk about that…do you?

  4. why don’t those on the left who advocate higher taxes just give more money to the government?

    • Republicans have all the money. The wealthy pay lobbyists to keep laws in place that make the rich richer.

      • you have two thoughts here. i love the latter. yes, the wealthy do pay lobbyists to keep laws in place that make the rich richer. this is one of the biggest deceptions out there. laws are meant to maintain order, however, so you have to come to some level of acceptability here. still, what are these laws and who are the wealthy, though. your first thought is just flat out wrong. the democrats are at least as wealthy if not wealthier that the republicans. think nancy pelosi, harry reid, dianne feinstein, ted kennedy, or any of the rockefellers. the truth is that most of wall street is on the left. my comment stands, why don’t these people just give their money to the government or, for that matter, start hospitals or free clinics of their own if they want free healthcare? truth is that they don’t. they want control. before thinking about that too much, how do these ‘laws’ of which you speak make the rich richer?

  5. Goodness do people not know the difference between leftism and liberalism? And that these two are polar opposites?

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