The Urantia Book as the New Bible

The Urantia Book as the New Bible

For the seeker curious about our role in the universe, The Urantia Book is literally a godsend. It has four parts. Part I covers the Central and Superuniverses; Part II describes our Local Universe; Part III gives the History of Urantia (Earth); and Part IV details the Life and Teachings of Jesus.

That last section features 775 pages detailing the life and teachings of Jesus. Those familiar with biblical stories will be pleased with the exquisite detail and spiritual amplifications of his teachings and travels. At the same time, these chapters fill in much of the missing episodes in the life of Christ. There are descriptions of his childhood and the awakening to his identity as the Son of God and his role in the salvation of mankind. Moreover, The Urantia Book completes missing periods and events not covered in the Christian Bible. The expanded revelation includes his time with an Indian merchant and his son as they travel to Rome, and his tour of the Mediterranean which started in his 28th year. It reveals many travels and lectures during the years prior to his preaching career. Most significantly, this book expands upon the many levels of spiritual and moral teachings that distinguish the Bible as the Word of God.

The Urantia Book, sometimes called the Urantia Papers or The Fifth Epochal Revelation, is a spiritual and philosophical book that discusses God, Jesus, science, cosmology, religion, history, and destiny. It originated in Chicago, Illinois, sometime between 1924 and 1955.

It makes a compelling case for the link between heavenly hosts and the spiritual evolution of man. It fits nicely into the mold of our great world religions, taking the principles passed down through the ages and setting the stage for the next great leap in the understanding of our place in the universe.
The Urantia Book, first published by Urantia Foundation in 1955, claims to have been presented by celestial beings as a revelation to our planet, Urantia.

The writings in The Urantia Book instruct us on the genesis, history, and destiny of humanity and on our relationship with God the Father. They present a unique and compelling portrayal of the life and teachings of Jesus. They open new vistas of time and eternity to the human spirit, and offer new details of our ascending adventure in a friendly and carefully administered universe.

The Urantia Book offers a clear and concise integration of science, philosophy, and religion. Those who read and study it believe that The Urantia Book has the capacity to make a significant contribution to the religious and philosophical thinking of people worldwide.

The Urantia Book is not a “religion” per se. It builds upon the religious heritages of the past and present, encouraging a personal, living religious faith.

Readers around the world have told us that reading The Urantia Book has profoundly affected them and often changed their lives. It has inspired them to reach new levels of spiritual growth and enhanced their sense of the value of human life.

– Urantia Foundation.

One of the most surprising revelations in The Urantia Book is the role of celestial beings in the spiritual guidance and material uplifting of the human race. These angels, guides, and ministering helpers are being used to uplift the human, both ethically and physically. These helpers are often mistaken for extraterrestrial visitations. These entities, in fact identify themselves as authors to papers which comprise The Urantia Book.

The book and its publishers do not name a human author. Instead, it is written as if directly presented by numerous celestial beings appointed to the task of providing an “epochal” religious revelation. For each paper, either a named celestial being, an order of being, or a group of beings is credited as its author.
– Wikipedia.

The Christian Bible is revered as the Word of God. Much of that well-deserved reverence comes from the fact that anyone reading it can sense a certain resonance, at the soul level, that this is something important, powerful, and uplifting. There is an immediate appreciation that these words are something inspired, revealed from the spirit world. Anyone reading The Urantia Book is immediately struck with that same sense of awe, reverence, and respect. This is truly a revelation for our new age.

Many religious leaders express resistance to the idea that a new book could eclipse the 2000-year old Bible. A real truth-seeker however must be open to the concept that God would speak to us in modern times as clearly and forcefully as He did thousands of years ago. Despite the resistance, the time is approaching when the whole world recognizes The Urantia Book as the “New Bible.”


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  2. There is no Urania.I’ve been flying around,with Elvis.Just can’t find it.

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