On Spiritual Bankruptcy and the Faith in Guns

Those who rely on guns and bullets to “save” them are filled with fear. They believe their brothers are out to get them, and that there is no loving Creator to protect them.



Starting at the very highest vibration, pure energy, we can barely grasp the magnitude of creation. Yet, this is our source. Physicists might call it the Big Bang, and theologians might call it God, but all agree; this is what we are made of.

If you slow that energy down it becomes matter. That’s what Einstein’s formula summarizes, E = MC2. The “C” in that equation is the speed of light. Energy equals matter speeded up. Conversely, matter is energy slowed down.

The key to appreciating pure energy is to recognize that it is the same as love. This love is not the fleeting, lust-driven passion which passes for romance, but rather the bond between a mother and child; the faith of a father towards his family, or the creative birthright of an artist for his masterpiece. The great psychic, Edgar Cayce, declared one definition of God as electromagnetism; the force that bonds and unifies all of creation.

Human beings, as they grow in faith and evolve spiritually, will literally and figuratively raise their vibrations to once again reach those levels of love and understanding where they recognize their connectedness to their Creator and all of creation. Enlightenment becomes a re-membering  of our family: the fatherhood of God and the subsequent brotherhood of mankind.

Energy, like love, when slowed down, cooled off, and separated out, becomes dense and lifeless. There is a loss of connection, a weakening of the bonds.

Metals are very heavy materials. This is what guns are made of. They are at the low end of the spectrum of energy. Their density and their function are no accident. Their purpose is to kill things, to make them the opposite of life.

Lead is most dense. Bullets, aside from target practice, are designed to cause such massive biological damage that life becomes impossible. Those who put their faith in guns tend to favor hollow-point bullets that kill more effectively, the very basest of functions.

Those who rely on guns and bullets to “save” them are filled with fear. They believe their brothers are out to get them, and that there is no loving Creator to protect them. Love is scarce here. Instead of trusting in a benevolent and caring universe they put all their hopes in hardware and the illusion that killing is somehow a form of salvation. The only question left to answer is “Who do we kill first?”

Contrast these lost and hate filled souls with the enlightened Children of God. In the spirit-awakened mind we are all brothers and all are eager to serve the will of the Father in heaven. Their mission is to bring more life and abundance. They have taken to heart the words from the Bible: “God is Love, and he who dwells in Love dwells in God, and God in him.”



~ by christianliberal on May 6, 2013.

One Response to “On Spiritual Bankruptcy and the Faith in Guns”

  1. I’m all for defending life, I guess I just understand that the ones willing to TAKE life are always going to have their weapons, whether they be guns, bats, knives or machetes. That hasn’t changed since humanity ‘arrived’ on earth. At least, not that any recorded history has indicated.

    Some of our brothers ARE out to get us. Because they are sick/deranged/sinful/whatever other descriptor you choose to use.

    “Filled with fear” over this completely objective notation on humanity? No. But willing to protect myself and my family from that tiny percentage who doesn’t care what god you believe will protect you? Definitely.

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