Obama care and the Flag Wavers

What are the right-wing GOP and evangelist flag wavers so afraid of when it comes to ObamaCare? Is it possible that this program might actually HELP people?

I can see money-worshipers being opposed to the program, but when flag-waving Christians oppose health care it makes me wonder where they get their motivation.

MY bible includes a lesson called the Good Samaritan.

MY bible advises “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
MY bible has a quote from Jesus: “As you treat the least of these, my brothers, you are treating me.”

Funny – they want to spend $$ trillions on war, but nothing on programs that would actually benefit our citizens. Go figure. Maybe they are chicken.



~ by christianliberal on October 6, 2013.

3 Responses to “Obama care and the Flag Wavers”

  1. How can you help someone when they don’t try and help themselves? Also, how are people going to afford this ObamaCare when we are becoming a country of part time workers? How long will people be willing to wait to see a Dr.? I can see mine the same day I call. Why are so many Dr.s are leaving practice? Why are the Unions and big corporations getting a pass? Seems to me that Obama and Dems. and some Reps. are trying to keep the people on the plantation. The more you get for free, the less you respect it.

    • So you worship money?
      We are losing our income because the top 1% increased theirs by 20% over the past 2 years. GOP controlled House funnels money to their big-wig corporate donors.

      • No, I don’t worship money do you worship people who are sloths? So you are saying that the Dem. held Sen. with Harry at the helm did everything? Why didn’t the Senate take up any budgets that were sent, Harry was afraid that one of them would pass. Maybe you should check with the Kaisers before you start with big corps.? Why would Obama hire the CEO of GE to be the Job Czar when the fact is they have been sending jobs to China for years, why did we give money $500,000. to Soylindra, whose owner just happened to be one of Obama’s biggest bundler as you should remember they don’t have to pay it back because they were given that money with no payback needed. Why are Unions, large corporations given a pass for a year on ObamaCare? The little people don’t get the same treatment, so what does that say about Obama? You really need to investigate what you are saying. You are losing your income because Obama doesn’t care about the “little” people. Those who are the weakest among us, soldiers, elderly, and the truly needed are the first ones Obama throws under the bus. One thing I don’t understand, how much more do you want the top 1% to pay in taxes? What percentage do you think is fair? I don’t know if you work but how much more are you willing to pay? If the wealthy liberals think everyone should be the same, why are they wealthy? The should be like the middle class and be broke? One thing you should look into is the number of Americans who are leaving this country. I think that would be a surprise to you. Just think all that wealth is going into some other countries till. To be fair on taxes the only fair thing is the flat tax say 20%.

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