ChristianLiberal started out as a blog about being a Christian in an upside-down world. But since I have not quite reached enlightenment yet, the ideas come across as stinging personal insults. Well, at least I smile as I attach the electrodes, and I DO back down every once in a while, when well referenced quotes prove me wrong. But don’t expect to get away unscathed. You will most likely be offended, but that does make you think. Like being told you have bad breath: It hurts at first, but you become a more pleasant person once you get over it, and you’ve had a swish of Listerine.

See the (tongue-in-cheek) “Insults help you grow” post:

ChristianLiberal is based on the belief that Christ continues to talk to us in modern times, and is not limited to writings, ideas, or events that occurred 2000 years ago.

New Thought Christian  ideas come from sources such as A Course in Miracles, Conversations with God, and many current spiritual revelations. There is also much to be learned from modern experiences, such as meditation, out-of-body, and near-death experiences.

Now, I am not so naive to think I get it right all the time. In truth, my opinions are based on my own personal experience, which is no more, and no less valid than anyone those of anyone else.

I hope you will join the discussions.



4 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi Vince,
    I think I lean more to the conservative side than yourself, but love discussions. I think I will visit often.

  2. Hello Vince. Thought I’d drop by to see what your blog is like since you’ve read some of mine. I addressed both the comments you left, and if you get a chance perhaps you can leave a rebuttal.

    If God is real, of course he acts upon the world today. And because I believe God is real, it strikes me as obvious that science and nature will provide some insights into both God and and material reality. However, it’s important to remember that science is a human construct and has its human limits. Certain mysteries will always be with us.

    I am not, therefore, particularly alarmed by either “creationism” or “evolution” as topics in schools (or politics). It strikes me as more significant that students learn to do basic research and that they be encouraged to form their own rational views based on evidence. And in a free society, the outcome will depend upon individual initiative. Of course one needs to protect the freedom within the free society for that to be possible.

    When one gets past labels and stereotypes, it might be that we share some ideas in common.

    Anyway, I’m just dropping by to thank you again for reading and commenting at my post.


  3. I have no gripe with creationism. I would hope it is addressed without diminishing the investigation into evolution as well; i.e. not excluding other theories. In fact this is an area I am quite “liberal” in also. It may well be that God created the universe from moment to moment, so that no only should we give up judgment on temporal events, but we technically have no basis to judge to begin with.

    There are parts of A Course in Miracles that stress that. “I loose the world from all I thought it was.” This opens up the mind to receive the truth from the Holy Spirit.

  4. Hey, you came by my blog and have never returned. What gives with the hit-and-run? 🙂

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