Palin to Stonewall Troopergate Investigation

Well, So much for honesty and “transparency!”

Sarah Palin is refusing to cooperate with investigators in the troopergate abuse of power scandal.

    Palin won’t meet with ‘Troopergate’ investigator

Doesn’t it just kind of remind you of Karl Rove standing in contempt of Congress, or Scooter Libby ducking and weaving his way through the Valerie Plame incident?

You have to hand it to the GOP, or the McCain ticket, anyway, for the AUDACITY to claim “change” in Washington, and here they set a new low in standard even BEFORE they get into office.

Fool me once and shame on . . . Uhh, Err! How does that go again!?? 😉


~ by christianliberal on September 15, 2008.

10 Responses to “Palin to Stonewall Troopergate Investigation”

  1. Well at least she’s getting some practice for when she goes to Washington. At least she’ll know how to properly thumb her nose at congress when they subpoena her.

  2. Sad but true.

  3. I looked into this a bit and turns out its politics as usual. Much like the Bush DUI story, Democrats know darn well that there is no scandal…they’re just hoping to tarnish a candidate’s image right before the election…before average voters have time to get the facts straight.

    The trooper she asked to be dismissed was suspended for drinking in his patrol car and is also on record as having used a tazer on a child. These aren’t accusations..they are part of the officer’s record.

    Knowing this, Palin told the commish to dismiss the officer. The commish serves AT THE PLEASURE of the governor, so his refusal to carry out the request…in fact having meetings behind her back….is more than enough grounds for her to fire him. Supposedly, there is a lengthy record of email records illustrating this blatant and repeated insubordination.

    For now, the only refusal to cooperate is in regards to speaking with an investigator hired by lawmakers with potentially suspect motives. When an independent commission reviews the case, Palin will cooperate with interview requests.

    Smells like the usual politics to me…but then again, Im a christian-libertarian…so I have no blind loyalty to socialist or socialist-lite.

  4. Yeah, I looked into it too.
    A panel of 14 bi-partisan reviewers voted to proceed with the investigation based on substantial evidence of abuse of power.
    This allegation that the inquiry is somehow “tainted” is another GOP smokescreen. The vote was bipartisan.

    You have to admit it stinks just like Bush telling us he’d get to the bottom of the Valerie Plame incident, and then pardons the perpetrator. The audacity of the lies is astounding.

    Why all the talk of “truth” and “transparency” when we have another Bush/Rove-type Machiavellian cover-up.
    Why all the talk about “shake up Washington” and then
    do Dick Cheney one better at deception?

    Truth has no respect for politics. You can call it socialist if you like, but purposefully covering up and denying the truth is exactly the same as “bearing false witness.”

  5. You crack me up. Don’t act like you know the truth, sir. You say denying the truth like you already know something.
    Look at this with a bit of objectivity will you? If Obama has sent this team of lawyers into Alaska to find things on Palin, then this sudden need to indict Palin doesn’t seem a bit convenient for the Obama campaign? Give me a break.
    And at this point, most of these allegations that have been propagated have been proven false by Why this one? Why now?

  6. I’m not exactly defending her, but considering the hectic campaign schedule with a couple months remaining, its understandable that she’s not so willing to further the distractions from the campaign by flying back to Alaska and sitting with a panel of pontificates with potential political motives.

    While its fair to ask these questions about the details, its also fair to scrutinize both ways. For example, Its worth asking if this is politically motivated considering French and a number on the panel are democrats openly supporting the Obama campaign. Republicans did request a panel with more party balance and were denied. Its odd that Senator Hollis French finds it so unusual that Palin’s lawyer requested the documents, evidence and statements involved. It’s his job to defend her, so he should be free to review the ‘evidence’.

    IMO, Palin’s mistake may have been to say that she fired the commissioner over budget issues. Considering her reform reputation, I would have fired the commissioner the day he refused to fire a trooper who drinks in his car, shoots a moose, threatens the life of his father in law and tazes a child.

    Sounds to me like same old politics…last minute mud-slinging. if this were so based on conviction, why didn’t these Alaska Democrats come forward until now?

  7. Eh! First, the investigation was moving along long before Palin became the VP candidate.

    Second, it is SO pathetic to see the apologists scrambling for any kind of excuse.
    It’s like a drunk driver wrecking property, then telling the judge, “You know, I am just way too busy to appear in your court.”

    Get real!

  8. Haha. Even the Democrats are saying get ready for an October surprise. You’re telling me their campaign doesn’t have a hand in it?

  9. Well said. I just linked your post, for its noted similarity to the Valerie Plame case, which is a close parallel, to a post on my blog. It is reassuring and refreshing to see a ‘liberal Christian”. And I also appreciate your motto at the top, noting that Jesus was the Prince of Peace. When I heard family values cited as a reason for voting for Bush and Cheney in 04 as we were engaged in a bogus war and using toruture and detainment without habeus corpus, I wanted to vomit. Keep up the posting!

  10. Thanks PPR, but your link is broken.
    Let us know your web blog URL, so we can link back to you.
    Check it out: click on “The PPR” and see what happens.

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